The Frugal Bride

I’ve always been a very crafty person and loved making things and coming up with new ideas! Even throughout our entire relationship, I would always surprise Matt with gifts that I made or put a unique twist on. Being that I wanted to stay within our budget, and incorporate unique, one-of-a-kind features for our wedding, I thought it would be a great idea to do as many diy projects as I can. Being a frugal bride didn’t just mean saving money- it also meant being hands on during this planning process.

So, for my first and most important diy project, I thought we’d make our own wedding invitations. Let me tell you- what a huge project! It doesn’t seem that complicated or difficult, but it’s so much more than meets the eye. I’ll be posting pictures later of the steps, but for now, I’ll have to explain it without them.

DIY Wedding Invitation

I went to Michaels craft store and looked around at the wedding invitation kits. After countless hours researching online and in the store, I found the perfect kit from Brides at Michaels. Here’s a step by step guide of how I made our invitations:

  1. Open the invitation kit. You will find the invitation holder that folds into an envelope, invitations, rsvp cards, and direction cards, along with a return envelope for the rsvp’s. You will also find labels for the outside of the invitation.This kit also includes ribbons and adhesives to secure the invitation.
  2. Because the invitation didn’t have too many extras, I wanted to add my own touch. I purchased gold, shiny corners that I added to each invitation. I also included a silver heart gemstone.
  3. Once you open your kit, you have to go to the website provided on the kit box and download the templates. This is a necessary and important step in the process. Design all the writing that you want on the invite. It took me lots of trial and error when finding the perfect wording for our invites! Be sure to show your loved ones if you are unsure of how to word it. Once they are printed, you can’t do anything to fix them so be sure that you are completely happy with this step in the process. Write the wording for the invites, rsvp’s, directions, and labels.
  4. When printing your invites, you MUST get the dimensions of the paper correctly. This is where my fiancee came into play. He made sure all the aspects of the invites printed properly. Print everything first and keep them to the side for when you put everything together.
  5. Now, to start assembling your invitations, you have to take the main printed invitation and add the four gold corners to each corner. They have a glue adhesive on the back so when you place them on the invites, you have to flip the invite upside down in order to continue with the next step.
  6. Next, I found an AMAZING glue tape from Michaels. Did I say AMAZING!? It’s incredible and the most crucial part of this process. It works like white-out tape except it’s clear and adhesive. Place a line on the top, bottom, and middle of the back of the invitation.
  7. Next up is the ribbon. Place the ribbon on the middle line of adhesive you placed. The ribbons are long enough to come to the front so you can tie a bow. For now, place the ribbon on the middle line.
  8. Flip your invitation around and place it on your main invite envelope. Wherever you place your invite, it will stay since the back is covered with adhesive glues.
  9. Now, tie a bow with the parts of the ribbon that show. You will have a cute little bow in the front of the invitation. I then added 1 heart rhinestone to the bottom of the invitation.
  10. To finish your invites, place your rsvp with return envelope and directions card to the side pockets. Fold the flaps on the invitations, and place the sticker adhesive to seal. Then, place the label on the outside with a return address and the guest’s information.

Tip:   As soon as I had a set of invitations ready to go out, I added them to my rsvp list. This way, I had an accurate count of everyone I’ve sent my invitations too.

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