Wedding Favors

Picking your wedding favors to give guests is a task that requires lots of thought and creativity. The #1 aspect you must consider (and an ongoing word of advice) is your theme. Are you having a beach wedding? Perhaps a backyard wedding? Is it traditional, modern, eclectic, or all of the above? What does your culture say about choosing wedding favors? Depending on your personality and overall theme of your wedding, choose wisely. You want a wedding favor to be remembered. It may be a small detail, but it’s the one aspect of the big day your guests will be taking home with them (except of course pictures!).

From going to a handful of weddings growing up, I knew I wanted my guests to actually use the favor whether as decoration in their home or incorporate in their lives. I did lots of research online, as I’ve done with everything thus far, and found some great options. Although my wedding favor won’t be revealed just yet (until after the big day since I want to keep it a secret from my family and friends), I’m IN LOVE with it! It has the perfect balance between our culture, the wedding theme, plus it’s something they could use everyday!

Just remember.. whatever you pick as your wedding favor, you have to love it as much as your guests will. If you have to second guess your choice, it’s not the right one for you. I’ve been using this thought process through this entire wedding planning and it’s worked so far! We’ll see on August 26, 2012 if following my instincts was a good idea or not!

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