To buy in bulk or not?

As the wedding day approaches, it’s crucial you start thinking about the details. What will your centerpieces look like? What color is your table cloth? What type of flatware will you have? What’s your aisle decor? These are just a few things you should consider when planning the big day. Of course you might have an overall vision of how the day will be, but none of it can be possible if you overlook the details.

After corresponding with our wedding team at the Drake and our planners, our to-do list kept growing. I realized quickly that many of the added items would be much more affordable if I buy them through a wholesaler online. Once again, the internet has come to the rescue. I found so many great deals on various sites – everything from wedding favors, silk petals, disposable cameras, etc. I can’t believe how much I saved by taking it into my own hands. Sure I had to spent some time researching and comparing prices, but in the end (hopefully) it will all be worth it!

Here are just a few ideas of bulk items that will worth great for the big day!

Silk rose petals:  With a variety of colors to chose from, you can buy your own silk flower petals at a fraction of the cost! We will be using them for the aisle runner, misc tables such as the guestbook and card table, as well as for the memorial table.

Wedding favors:    As mentioned in my previous posts, I found some amazing wedding favors for our guets to take home in memory of our wedding day. They are beautiful and authentic, true to our culture yet incredibly elegant. I’m so excited for our guests to see them!

Disposable cameras:    For an added touch, we will be providing each table with an elegant disposable camera to capture memories from the day’s events. Throughout the night, we encourage guests to take pictures on them as well as on their personal cameras. At the end of the night, our ushers will go around collecting the cameras. This will provide us with a great keepsake of authentic moments since we can’t sit at everyone’s tables! Plus it will be amazing to view the uploaded pictures on our wedding website weeks later.

These are just a few ideas to help you create a special, unique touch to your big day while keeping your wallet feeling lighter!

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