Wedding Do-Over(s)

It’s been months since our wedding day passed and I’ve definitely been MIA from this blog. I won’t go into details about our wedding day and just leave it as – amazing. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the entire wedding planning process, and I’m missing it so much. Perhaps I’ve found my true calling in life – wedding/event planning.

After treasuring all the memories, the dust has settled and I can now finally think back about what I would have changed, what I wish I knew, and what I completely screwed up on! Overall our day was gorgeous and I’m so incredibly happy, but being the “over-thinker” that I am, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned (through my experience). Let’s get started! 

  1.   It’s about you and your future husband. When planning a wedding, you have to always remember the reason for the event to begin with. You are about to start a whole new adventure with the love of your life. Forget all the petty details, and remember to enjoy this day with your husband. There will be lots of opinions; some from people who are truly trying to help, and others from people who are merely nosy. As long as you and your fiancee agree, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Rejoice in the happiness of the moments leading up to the big day, and just let everything else go. When we were planning our wedding, this notion was quite difficult for me. I wanted to please everybody around me and I’d get so overwhelmed with the millions of ideas floating around in my head. Looking back,it was unnecessary stress that could have been avoided if I just followed my heart and did what my fiance and I thought was right. 
  2.  Be Assertive – throughout the entire process. Know what you want and how you’re going to get it. If you have an idea that you and your fiancee love, run with it. I was a pretty assertive bride. I knew exactly what I wanted and how we visioned the big day. Kudos to me for figuring out ways to get what I wanted without stepping on anyone’s toes. However one big flub of mine was on the actual day itself. I didn’t want to a bridezilla who complained and was overwhelmed and unhappy on their wedding day, so I opted to be the opposite. I was so calm the entire day. I knew that if problems arised, it’s too late to fix them and there’s absolutely no point in getting upset. The entire day, I was calm and happy, and purely relaxed and it was great, but looking back, I wish I gave more direction to those around me. This is where I slipped up big time. If I was more direct and less laid back, perhaps some major and minor details wouldn’t have been overlooked. This brings me to my next point.
  3. Be Organized! This has got to be by far, the best way to stay calm and on track when planning your wedding. Stay organized and do what works for you. Some people, including myself, need to write everything down to keep sane. Others stick to lists, reminders, etc on their phones or computers. Whatever style works for you, stick with it and don’t drop the ball. I created a wedding planning binder that helped me so much. My downfall? I had too many to-do lists in different places – on my laptop, emails, and random post-it notes throughout. All this did was give me anxiety because I was surrounded by wedding planning overload. If I could do it again, I would have simply stuck to my original wedding planning binder and called it a day.
  4. Wedding Seating. The dreaded wedding seating charts lingered over me like the plague. I’ve heard from so many people that one of the most difficult aspects of planning a wedding is doing the seating chart, so I avoided it until the last minute. Another huge mistake! It’s very time consuming so it’s even more important you start it immediately. The problem with the seating chart is that not many people can help you with it since you know your guests the best. Parents, siblings, and other family members can be a huge help, especially if you have a high guest list, so take their advice and help when working on the seating arrangements. During our wedding, there was a mixup in the seating chart and it was horrible. A table of close guests was supposed to be closest to the dance floor, however it ended up all the way in the back. We noticed this during the reception but there was nothing we could do. How do you swap tables in the middle of your wedding reception without offending anyone? Definitely the biggest ‘oh no’ moment of our wedding day but thankfully, our guests completely understood. 
  5.  Think about what’s important to you and who you are. This goes back to point #1 but I really want to emphasize this idea. Many people will try to help you during the wedding planning process and it’s truly a blessing that they are there to help. At the end of the day, listen to ideas and truly think about whether it fits who you are and what you are envisioning. Have you always dreamed of a conventional wedding? Does the idea of flowers and cake cutting, etc etc excite you? If yes, go for it as your budget allows but if not, do what you love. You can’t please everyone – it’s incredibly important you keep that in mind. Once you rid yourself of this pressure, you can then truly enjoy the planning process. 

 These are my some of my wedding after thoughts. At the end of the day, just be you and follow your heart. Everything else will fall into place.

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