PinkHearts: Perception

is your glass half full or half empty?

The answer to this simple question varies person to person. It is a key indicator on how you perceive certain aspects of life. Of course it’s not 100%, because as humans, we evolve through the years and our perception may change. Perception – how we see the world around us.

Let’s take an everyday scenario. You have been waiting months to spend time with your family during the holidays. The morning of, your alarm doesn’t go off and you miss your flight. You. missed. your. flight. On top of that, because of the holidays, all flights are fully booked for another week. It’s absolutely common for you to be upset and frustrated. But how long will you be mad and how will it affect those around you? Imagine your day moving forward. If you stay upset, you are more likely to have road rage, be rude to those around you, and stay stuck in a negative mind frame. This won’t solve anything.

Instead, turn that frown upside down. Look at the opportunity in this missed flight. It’s a great time to spend some alone time with yourself or those in town. Have you wanted to catch up with a friend? Now’s your chance! Have you been meaning to meditate/do yoga? Get yourself a mat, disconnect from the world, and zone into your mind. In theory, this sounds like an amazing opportunity, but it’s only as great as you make it. By no means do I think it’ll be easy to stay happy when things don’t go as planned, but what else can you do?

How can you stay happy if you always see the glass as half empty?


Remind yourself of the silver lining. Our perception of the world around us will determine our happiness. Period. If you think everyone is selfish and self-centered, you won’t fully open yourself up to love and light. On the flip side, if you view the world as a mecca for hope filled with people wanting to help and be kind, your days will be much brighter. Don’t let one sour apple ruin the rest of the fruits.

Sincerely, Love

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