You’re Engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! Marinate in this joy with your fiancee(!) without any outer distractions, and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. I’ve gathered my top tips for newly engaged couples once “Will you marry me” and “yes” have been said. Feel free to use this list as a guide, and remember to do what feels right for you!

  1. Tell your parents/siblings. Assuming you are close with your family, it’s a nice gesture to tell them first. Not only will they be ecstatic for you, but their happiness will only maximize yours thus resulting in a chain effect. 
  2. Tell your closest friends/relatives. This can be combined with the first point depending on how close your friendships are. In the moment of excitement, you’ll want to shout it from the rooftop. Calling everyone at the same time is impossible so you’ll feel scatter brained trying to think of who to call. Share this news with your closest friends before announcing it on social media. They’ll appreciate it and feel glad you thought of them.
  3. Social Media. With status updates, tweets, instagram photos, etc. there’s no shortage of how you can share the news. Depending on your viewpoint on this, social media is a great way to let everyone know about this joyous moment.

    Now that you’ve made your announcements, let’s move on to the days that follow.

  4. Insure your ring. The sparkly beauty you can’t stop staring will look a lot better if it was insured (ha, kidding!). Regardless of it’s worth, etc. it’s sentimental value is priceless. What would happen if you lost it or if it was stolen? Sure it’s a materialistic item, but would your heart sink even just a little? To add insurance for your ring doesn’t cost much, and it will give you the peace of mind for any blunders that may happen in the future.
  5. Pick a year, season, time frame, date, etc. to have your wedding.  One of the most common questions you will be asked is “when’s the big day?!” It’s sweet and completely natural for people to ask this, but you may become overwhelmed. If you are unsure, give an approximation i.e. sometime next year or 2 years from now. Don’t let this one question pressure you into making this decision quickly.
  6. Live in the moment for as long as you want. Don’t stress yourself out on starting wedding planning immediately. If you and your fiancee want to take a few months to relish this new title of yours, do it. If you want to jump right in and have a wedding planning binder calling your name, go for it. The most important aspect is that you and your fiancee are on the same page. This is a theme throughout the wedding planning process, as well as in your marriage.

Sincerely, Love.

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