PinkHearts: Letting Go

Letting go is an action that requires a lot of thought and consideration. It can range from  negative people, bad friendships, and sometimes even family. It’s not something you should do in the blink of an eye – instead, think about it thoroughly. If you don’t communicate with this person anymore, how would you feel? When you talk to them, are you left feeling happier than before or vise versa? I’m fortunate to have many people in my life whom I love and adore. Conversations with them truly lift my spirits and I end the conversation with a smile on my face. But I, like many people, have had to let go of some of the not so friendly people in my life. It’s never easy, but as they say, time heals all wounds.

Often times, letting go isn’t such a bad thing. Not only will it free you from an unhealthy relationship, but it will remind you that you are okay without them. I struggled with this when I “let go” of a couple people who I grew up with. As kids, we’d have sleepovers, play dress up, and talk about our future weddings. As an adult, the realization that these memories need to remain in the past broke my heart. It’s never easy, but slowly, I was able to be at peace with not communicating with them. There was no specific incident that occurred for me to come to this resolution. The reality is that we grew apart; our thought processes and values differed in ways that made it difficult to stay connected. Relationships require work, but they should never be a burden. One of my closest friends since high school is a prime example of how easy it should be. We can go months without seeing each other, and weeks without talking, but the minute we catch up, it’s like nothing has changed. We have different lives and routines, but we love and support one another. Our conversations are filled with silly jokes and lots of laughter. I am better because she is in my life.

Although I don’t encourage making rash decisions on this topic, take some time to reflect on your relationships. We all have our downfalls, so nitpicking your friendships won’t be your best option. Instead, look at the overall picture. Try hard to improve the dynamic but remember, there’s only so much you could do. At the end of the day, you have the ability to choose happiness.



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