Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party Favors

It is a lovely gesture to give your guests a favor to take home with them after your bridal shower/bachelorette party. It essentially falls on the host of the event since she/he is aware of the overall theme of the night. This is an element of planning that isn’t necessarily required per say, but it adds a very sweet personalized touch that will be a nice surprise. There are plenty of avenues you can take; if you simply do a web search on favors, thousands of sites will come up filled with gifts. This may overwhelm and discourage you from following through, but stop for a moment. Think about various ways you can give a parting gift without breaking the bank. Crank up your creativity and develop your own way of personalizing favors. Because this isn’t always easy to do, I’ve gathered some ideas/tips that may make this gift giving process a bit easier.

Think about the theme of the night. Are you having a tea party bridal shower? There are so many cute teacup candles that you can find online. Since the prices do vary, search do it yourself candle making ideas. YouTube is a fabulous place for tutorials on most projects so use that as your reference. The internet is filled with great ideas, so why not be cost efficient and slash your budget in half!


What’s the bride’s personality like? If she’s passionate about fashion, maybe a scarf would be a nice favor. Is she into makeup/beauty? How about giving a mini makeup kit or a nail kit? Your theme should coincide with the bride’s personality. If she’s not into spa dates and salons, pick an activity that she’d love. That’s a whole other post that I will be discussing. For my wedding bachelorette party, the favors that my sister-in-law Theresa gave was a set of bangles which fit perfectly with my personality. It was unique, creative, and very touching. For Theresa’s bachelorette party, I gave the girls handmade necklaces that looked vintage like. I spent hours working on them, including painting the heart boxes I put them in.


The key elements to keep in mind are budget, theme, and bride. Once you have an handle on this, you’ll be able to give great favors filled with love.

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