Mix It Up!

Now that you’re ready to start the wedding planning process, you might be struggling to come up with unique ideas of how to blend two cultures together (depending on your relationship). From my experience, and from what I have seen, there are lots of unique ways to mix it up! A huge concern is typically religion. Will you be having a religious ceremony and if so, are you willing to compromise? For us, religion was important but not the end all be all. It took lots of thought, but we had a mixed religion wedding. In most Hindu ceremonies, the bride is decked out in lots of bright colors and jewelry. My husband is Christian and the traditional attire is a white wedding gown for the bride. In an effort to blend both, we had an American style ceremony with a bridal party that included bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as a flower girl. I wore a white dress without a veil. Immediately following the Christian ceremony, we re-entered the ceremony site for the Hindu portion. The only change I made to my attire was adding a bright colored veil (primarily red). We had 2 priests (one Christian and one Hindu). It was great and blended together so well. As far as bridal party attire, they wore American dresses for the ceremony and later changed into Indian dresses for the reception portion of the night. It seems so simple now looking back at it, but these decisions were so overwhelming at the time.

You don’t realize how many decisions you have to make until you really get into planning. It might overwhelm and discourage you. Remind yourself that it is only one day and enjoy this moment of your lives as husband and wife.

During the reception, we had a few close family and friends give speeches and perform dances. Indian food was served for dinner, and we had a variety of sweets both Indian and American. Blending the reception portion was much easier than the ceremony since the religious aspect didn’t play a role. For our first dance, we were torn between choosing an english song vs an indian song. We opted for indian – Hum Tum. It was precisely how we felt and it filled the air with love.

There is an endless amount of ideas to blend two religions/cultures/etc. together. Just remember to narrow down what is important to you and eliminate what is not.

If you’d like free advice on how to incorporate ideas into your wedding, feel free to contact me via email! Just click “follow blog” on the right side of the page.

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