Get to Know Me…

Hello beauties! If you couldn’t guess by the title, today’s topic will be a ‘get to know me’ post. Many of you may (or may not) know these things about me. I thought it’d be nice to share so you can get an idea of the person behind Sincerely, Love. So let’s get started!

1.     My first name is Keney. Many people get confused by this but yes, it’s my real, full first name. So what’s the story behind my name? I was born in Gujurat, India; my parents were in the process of moving to America. In hopes that I’d fit in with my peers in the States, they wanted to give me an American name. One of my uncles who was already living in America gave them this name idea and it stayed! It’s spelled a little differently than the common ‘Kenny’. When I was becoming an American citizen, I had the option of changing my name, however I declined because (a) it’s the name I’ve used my whole life, and (b) I actually really like that it’s unusual.

2.     I have a very big family – aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. I love having a large family not only because it’s always a blast when we’re all together, but because of the character each person has. Like in any family, you have a variety of opinions and thoughts. I’m learning to embrace everyone’s way of thinking and using it as a tool to be a better person.

3.     Connected to #2, I’m really bad at keeping in touch via phone! I’m just not a phone person, and never have been. I prefer email or messenger much more because it allows me to gather my thoughts and really express myself and any life updates without losing focus. Often times on the phone, I forget a lot of things I want to talk about because of distractions around me. Very weird, I know.

4.     Both of my parents passed away at young ages; I was only 17 when my mother passed away, and 24 when my dad passed away. It was, and still is very difficult, but I often feel their presence around me that makes it a lot better. When I’m at home, I put my ipod next to their photos and play indian prayer music (bhajans) to give them something nice to listen to.

5.     I have 2 siblings; a sister and a brother. We’re really close and protect, support, and help each other any time it’s needed. My sister and I talk 2-3x a day, even if it’s as simple as “nothing’s new, have a nice day!”. Our brother is one of the kindest people we have ever met – always surprising us for birthdays and anniversaries. Even with the absence of parents, we are very close-knit.

6.     I’m married to my sweetheart of 11+ years (married for 2 1/2). Not only is he my husband, but he’s also my best friend and has been my greatest support system. When we’re not working, we’re together whether it’s hanging out at home with our 2 dogs, going to the movies, etc., and that’s the way we prefer it. He’s the only person that has seen me at my worst and at my best.

7.     I’m blessed to have an amazing family. I don’t even like to refer to them as my ‘in-laws’ because that title doesn’t do justice for what they are to me. Both of our parents are unbelievably loving and supportive. I’m so lucky to have 3 awesome sisters who I can depend on for advice, fashion tips, and the occasional bashing of their brother!

8.     I’m OBSESSED with cleaning/organizing. When I come home from work (no matter what time it is), I clean right away. I’m unable to sit and relax when my surroundings aren’t neat. Things don’t have to be perfectly clean, but the overall tidiness should be somewhat on point!

9.     I love rearranging furniture. I remember being 12 and rearranging our bedroom furniture often just for the fun. That has stuck! I randomly get the urge to rearrange, so I go for it. I don’t spend days thinking about it or planning it – I just go for it at that moment. My thought is why not? If it looks bad, change it back, and if it’s awesome, you have a new little set up to enjoy!

10.     One of my battles is dealing with excessive worrying. I tend to be an over-thinker. No matter how big or small the situation is, I will look at it from every angle and dissect it. My worrying tendencies damper my mood and my inner peace. In an effort to ‘fix’ this problem or tame it, I’ve been trying new techniques that I will discuss in a future post. The great news is that they have helped me a lot!

That’s just a glimpse behind Sincerely, Love. Please comment or message me on what you’d like to see next! Thanks. xoxo.

Sincerely, Love.

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