PinkHearts: X the Anxiety!

Whether you get stressed, worried, or overcome with anxiety, here are my top tips on managing these feelings. By no means am I a medical physician; these are simply tricks that have helped me.

1.  Say positive things to yourself. Your inner voice can work wonders. When I’m having a bad day, in my head, I say “this will pass, tomorrow will be better”. There are a few personal sayings I think about, and it helps me. If I’m feeling worried, I pray. It works for me and provides me with the reassurance that worrying won’t fix problems. A majority of our worries are in regards to the unknown and more often than not, the things we were worried about turn out to be fine.

2.  Check your surroundings. You have the option to fill your space in things that make you happy. For me, photos of my loved ones, candles, and flowers help a ton. I’m also a huge fan of quotes. At work, I have a quote that says “Choose faith over worry”. It’s a simple, yet powerful quote that is a daily reminder hanging off the side of my monitor.

3.  Create goals for yourself. Starting with short term goals will propel you forward every time you accomplish them. Make a checklist of things you’d like to finish that day, week, or month, and focus on getting them completed. By doing this, it will brighten up your morale. Now for the long term goals. This is where you will see a big difference. By creating long term goals, you can refocus your energy on something bigger for the future. Make sure the goal is a dream or passion of yours. It must be enjoyable to you so when you work on it, you feel excited.

4.  Talk to someone. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, talk to someone you trust and lifts you up. Just by venting, you will be able to release the pent up feelings and feel less chaotic. Seek their advice and end the conversation with laughter. It will make you feel so much better. What’s better? Get together for coffee with the person. Spending quality time with a small group or even 1 person will reconnect to your roots and remind you of what’s important, and that problems are only temporary.

5.   Pamper yourself. Whatever that means to you, do it. Whether you prefer a full on spa day, getting your nails done, or having an hour alone at home beautifying yourself, go for it! It’s not going to solve your worrying necessarily, but it will brighten your mood for a little while.

6.  Read more. Reading is a great way to get engaged in a different world and transform for a moment. Read books that inspire you and give you happiness. Whatever your preferred topics are, give yourself the time to grab a cup of tea and curl up on the couch with a good book.

There are many ways to worry less and create more peace. What works for you is your answer. A combination of the above tips has helped me tremendously.

Sincerely, Love.

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