Happy love from A-Z

What consists of a happy relationship/marriage and how can you maintain it? Healthy relationships require effort and nurturing. Like anything else in life, you can work towards your relationship goals. Here’s a fun, light-hearted A-Z list of what can make your relationship even better from my experience.

(a)ccept your partners flaws.
(b)elieve in each other.
(c)ount on one another.
(D)ate nights, often.
(E)njoy each moment.
(F)ind your passions together and individually.
(G)o out and explore the world.
(H)elp each other.
(I)gnore the nay sayers.
(J)ump over hurdles.
(K)iss and hug every day.
(L)augh often.
(M)ake each other the priority.
(N)ever hold a grudge.
(O)pen up your mind and embrace change.
(P)raise each other.
(Q)uality time together.
(R)eminisce in your memories together.
(S)upport your partner.
(T)rust each other in all aspects of life.
(U)nderstand your partner’s needs.
(V)oice your opinions and thoughts.
(W)alk together looking ahead to the future.
(X) x out the negative.
(Y)earn for each other.
(Z)ap everyday problems that arise.


Sincerely, Love.

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