My Favorites!

Hello there! After a relaxing weekend, I thought what better way to end it than to talk about my favorite beauty related products. I use these almost every day and highly recommend you give them a try!

Face Masks:   For an amazing cost and great results, try Queen Helene Masque in Mint Julep. You can purchase it from a drugstore i.e. Walgreens for under $5! It’s a creamy formula that glides on effortlessly, and it’s extremely green in color. Once you apply it to clean skin, you will feel a very heavy tingling sensation, to the point where you want to wash it off because it’s that powerful. Don’t! Allow the masque to penetrate into your skin and clean out your pores. After about 5 minutes, the sensation will go away. You’re skin will feel so soft and clean once you wash the product off. I moisturize afterwards to avoid over-drying especially in the winter.  I have tried other products – for instant GlamGlow. The hype of the mask had me hooked, but swiping my card for an expensive product wasn’t so much fun. It’s okay, but that’s about it. I didn’t see much of a difference after using it.


Shampoo:  After trying countless shampoos through the years, I finally discovered Dove Intensive Repair. It is great for damaged hair and provides amazing moisture and nourishment. My hair is left feeling lighter after use. I have dyed my hair from boxed dyes since I was a teenager so there have been times when my hair didn’t feel healthy. Product buildup is another big issue, as well as damage from heat and weather. Once I use this shampoo, I feel a noticeable difference.


Dry Shampoo/Volumizer:  My hair has a tendency to get oily quickly. It’s been an issue for years, so I felt I had no choice but to wash my hair every day. After doing extensive research, I learned that by washing your hair so often, it won’t help the problem. Your oil production kicks into overdrive because you are stripping away essential oils that your scalp produces. To minimize this, I now wash my hair every  other day. In between washes, I use dry shampoo + a volumizing powder. I recently discovered Got2B Powder and Dry Shampoo and absolutely love them! The dry shampoo smells great and works even better! I had a hard time finding this at my local drugstore, so I tried a beauty store and found a ton.




Face Cleanser:  I have sensitive, acne prone skin, and using any cleanser that’s harsh tends to freak my skin out. As soon as I heard about Cetaphil, I was hooked. It’s an extremely gentle wash face that won’t strip away healthy oils from your face. It removes makeup easily, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. I do moisturize my face after to avoid potential dry out during colder months.



What are your favorite beauty products?

Sincerely, Love.

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