PinkHearts: Dealing with Conflict

How many times have you been in a situation where you felt criticized or knocked down? I’m guessing at least once in your life. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s indirect or straightforward, we have all experienced a moment where we felt pushed up against a wall. But what is the best way to respond to this? Situations vary so it’s important to step back mentally and think for a moment. I have experienced countless moments like this. If I feel negativity directed towards me that’s out of control, my heart starts racing, and I feel my blood rush through my veins. This happens only if it’s a really intense situation for me. So what do I do?

  Retaliate by talking back. For me, this is the last thing I would do (of course depending on the situation). By engaging in the negativity, you will only bring attention to it even more. It can get heated and harm your relationship regardless of how you feel in that moment. If there are bystanders, it will make them very uncomfortable.

♥  Make a joke out of the situation. This can go swiftly if done right. When a comment is made that you don’t like, turn it into a small joke. Sarcasm can be your friend in this moment. Remember that turning the tables around can be hypocritical, so your “comeback” should be sassy but polite – enough to get the point across yet not attacking.

  Ignore the words and don’t say anything. Many of the times, this is what I’ll do. It’s not really in my nature to talk back and create a big ruckus. Again, this depends on the moment and who I’m with. Why engage in that vile comment if it hurt you? Sometimes people say rude things because of their own lack of self esteem, so as hard as it is, remind yourself that they have their own issues and they are just taking it out on you. By no means do I think verbal or mental abuse is acceptable, but for little comments made in small talk, often times it’s not worth it to engage.

  Talk it out. My #1 go to answer for any unresolved feelings I may have. I’m a firm believer in expression through words. If I feel uneasy and it’s weighing heavy on my heart, I will reach out to the person after the fact. This allows me to not hold it in and resent the person, but to talk it out. Sometimes, people don’t know how hurtful their words are until it’s brought to their attention. So speak up and talk it out. You owe to it the other person and more importantly, to yourself.

Conflict is unavoidable, but there are plenty of ways to handle it. Stay true to yourself.

Sincerely, Love.


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