Music to my ears…

Hello there! If you are a music lover like myself, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this post. For me, music is therapy. It takes you to a whole new world, quite like reading. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to what to listen to.

I’m a huge fan of Pandora – it’s a free service but you can pay a monthly cost of less than $10 and listen commercial free. There are essentially limitless options to choose from, either from their genre options or based on your search. So what do I listen to on a daily basis?

R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, pretty much anything depending my mood. I listen to Pandora all day at work. If I’m feeling tired, I will tune into the comedy channels. THEY ARE AMAZING! My all time favorite and one I highly recommend is Russell Peters. If you search his name on Pandora or YouTube, you will find lots of good material to listen to. My other favorites are George Lopez and Gabriel Iglesias. No joke, I have laughed out loud at work because of these comedy channels, and they will instantly make you smile.

I’m a sucker for love so another fav of my mine is the Wedding Songs channel. The name speaks for itself. There’s a huge variety of songs so it’s refreshing to hear love songs you otherwise wouldn’t have searched.

When I clean my house, I usually always have music on. My go to genres are mainly hip hop/r&b because they tend to pump me up and I love singing along to something upbeat. Are you a fan of Beyonce? I am! 7/11 and Flawless and my current favorites. How about Nicki Minaj? I recently discovered the song Truffle Butter and the beat just gets me excited.


Music should lift and inspire you. Listen to what makes you happy. It’s a powerful feeling to just let go and let the music surround you.

Sincerely, Love.

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