Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hello there! With January quickly winding down, it’s the perfect time to start planning for Valentine’s Day but with so many options out there, how do you even get started?! Not to worry, I’m going to break down some helpful tips and suggestions that might make this day that much more special.

1. How do you and your partner feel about celebrating Valentine’s Day? It might sound like a silly question, but it’s important. Personally, my husband and I love Valentine’s Day, but we won’t throw our budget out of the window. The cost of flowers, chocolate, and dinner are hiked up increasingly because of the demand. One thing that deters us from celebrating it to the max is the fact that if you’re out to dinner, all the couples around you are celebrating the same exact thing. It doesn’t feel sacred or intimate like how anniversaries do. Still, I love love, and having a day dedicated to expressing your love is a-okay in my book.

2. What are your interests together as a couple? Since it is a day to celebrate your love, you should spend it doing something you both enjoy. Whether it’s something you’ve done a million times before or a new activity, it should be a fun experience. Has your partner been hinting about going to a particular restaurant/show/fill in the blank? Why not surprise them with reservations? My husband and I have celebrated 10+ Valentine’s together and through the years our interests and desires as well as our budgets have changed, so we plan accordingly.

3. What is the perfect gift? Heh, no such thing as a ‘perfect’ anything in life! I will do another post on my ideas and suggestions on gift giving for any love filled occasion.

4. Choosing a great restaurant. We live in Chicago, and there are thousands of restaurants to choose from. It can get overwhelming trying to pick the perfect spot. What’s your style as a couple? Do you typically enjoy low key places? If so, stick with that. It’s always nice to try something new, but don’t feel the need to conform if you won’t feel comfortable. Since it’s Valentine’s Day and you might want to do something more special than your typical date night, look into those restaurants. Yelp is an amazing service that will undoubtedly help you find a great spot!

If you’re still having a hard time figuring out what to do, here are some of my ideas to celebrate the day of love, aka Valentine’s Day:

Geja’s Cafe

It’s our go-to spot for a romantic evening. Located in Lincoln Park, the restaurant is on a lower street level. It’s VERY dim-lighting provides a romantic, sort of secretive atmosphere. It is a known spot for proposals. It’s always filled with people, so make sure you have reservations! As far as price range goes, it can cost you a pretty penny, but they often times have Groupons so be sure to check into that! Whenever they offer a Groupon, we tend to buy a couple so we can use them before they expire. It’s a great romantic restaurant offering fondue in all sorts of variations. Tip: When making a reservation, request a booth. It is much more intimate and secluded vs being so close to another party on the table next to you.


Signature Room on 95th

If you want to make a great impression on your date, check out this hot restaurant in Downtown Chicago. The views are breathtaking and the service and food are great. Like many romantic restaurants, this place gets booked quickly, so be sure to make reservations far in advance. It’s definitely not an inexpensive place, so budget yourselves accordingly. If you prefer to just grab drinks there, go for it. They have a full bar so it’s not necessarily required for you to have reservations.


Horse Carriage Ride

Enjoying the views of Downtown from your own personal carriage ride makes it a night to remember. Typically, the horse drawn carriages are reserved on a 1 hour time frame but you can extend or shorten it accordingly. The evening my husband proposed to me, he surprised me with a horse carriage ride. It was the first time we experienced it, and it was so much fun. To me, just the romantic element of being cozy while galloping through the streets of Downtown makes it so sweet. Since I don’t really like being in one place for a long period of time, he requested to shorten it to 30 minutes. PERFECTION! If you plan to do this for Valentine’s Day, be sure to bring a small blanket with you. They do provide them, but I’m not too sure how clean they are.

Go back to where you had your first date

When all else fails, why not relive your first date? No matter where it was, if you could go back, do it! You will be reminded of that special day, and it will be so nostalgic for you to experience it again with your partner.

No matter what you do for Valentine’s Day, remember to celebrate your love and all that it is.

Sincerely, Love

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