Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hello gorgeous! With just 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day, now is the perfect time to start thinking about a gift for your significant other. It can be daunting so don’t wait until the last minute to really think of something special.

Personally, a gift from the heart with some thought behind it is the most special kind. My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years, and together for 11; and throughout the years, the most precious gifts have been thought out and very hands on – DIY gifts. Here’s a variety of gift ideas for all types of love, from new relationships to married.

  • 365 Hearts – This is one of the first diy gifts I made for my husband (then boyfriend), and it blew him away. All you’ll need is construction paper (colors of your choice), pen/marker, scissors, and a box. Draw out and cut 365 hearts. This is one of the most time consuming and tedious parts so it’s important you start early! On each heart, write a compliment, quote, what you love about them, etc. Get creative and personalize each one however you’d like. By the time you’re done, your fingers will be cramped but it’ll be worth it. Put all the hearts into a box (decorate it to go one step further). Essentially, your partner has to read one heart every day for 1 year. It’s so sweet, yet SOOO budget friendly. You don’t have to break the bank to express your love.
  • A love letter – It’s a classic and incredibly personal gift. For any occasion, it’s a perfect way to express yourself. I’m a HUGE fan of love letters. But to write a proper letter, really put your heart into it. Don’t write it last minute with cliche sayings to fill the page. Feel what you are writing and get in the zone. Actions speak louder than words, but words are just as important. I have a keepsake box which holds all our letters throughout the years, and it’s soo much fun to read them years later. Plus it costs nothing but your time and feelings!
  • Jewelry, chocolate, teddy bear, flowers – Ah the classics. It’s all about what your partner would love. There are plenty of ways to make it personal. For jewelry, pick something your partner has been eyeing for a while. Get it engraved if possible! For chocolate, of course pick their favorites. Don’t just grab any random box of chocolates. Or what about surprising them with their favorite flowers?! Having flowers delivered can get expensive, especially during Valentine’s Day, so why not hand deliver them?
  • Misc Items – You know, the random products they may have wanted to buy and gave you hints about. It seems like nothing special, but in reality, it shows you are listening to your partner. It’s not about the gift but the thought behind it. A great way to random gift items is to put them in a basket. Present an entire array of random products your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. would love. You can be as creative as you want, and add your own special touches.


Get started now so you’re not in a rush last minute! Happy Valentine’s Day, all day every day!

Coming Soon:  Valentine’s Day at Home


Sincerely, Love

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