Get Cookin’ ft. Chai Tea

Hello there! Waking up to a beautiful snow filled Sunday inspired me to stay in with a cup of hot tea, but not just your standard brewed tea with water. Instead, I kicked it up a notch with homemade chai tea.

Now, in most Indian households, chai is an every day staple. People drink it for breakfast, serve it to guests, and even have it post dinner. It’s an any time black tea drink. There are tons of variations of how to make it, so instead of spewing a bunch of options, let’s discuss my preferred chai recipe.


What you’ll need

1 cup milk

1/2 cup water

2 spoons masala chai

1 teaspoon sugar (to taste)


Let’s get started!

1.   Pour your milk and water into a pot and turn the stove on to medium heat.

2.   Once it warms up a bit, add your masala chai.

3.   Allow your mixture to rise up. While it’s rising to the top, use your strainer or a spoon to mix at the same time. Lower the heat. This step goes quickly so it’s important to pay attention to your pot of tea in this process. If the tea rises too high, it will spill onto the stove, creating a pain in the butt mess to clean! Trust me, I know! You can continue with this step as much as you want. The standard is allowing the tea to rise 2-3 times to create a frothy, delicious texture. Raise the heat, and when it starts to rise, stir, then lower the heat. That’s it!

4.   Strain into a mug, and add sugar to taste. Enjoy!


  • Until you become an expert chai tea maker or develop a ‘system’ that works for you, DON’T leave the tea unsupervised. As soon as it starts to rise, it will overflow if not dealt with immediately. After years of experience, I’m sure many people feel comfortable with leaving the tea on low heat while doing other things, but I don’t recommend it during your first few tea making adventures.
  • There are lots of variations of chai tea. For authentic chai, I suggest purchasing your tea from an indian grocery store. From my experience, buying tea from a non-indian store doesn’t taste the same. Authentic chai tea is loose black tea, rarely in tea bags although that option is available in some stores. Here’s my go-to loose chai I get from my local indian store.


  • You can customize your tea in SOOO many ways. I love me some mint, so I’ll add fresh mint leaves to the tea. Tear the mint leaves for an extra boost of flavor! There are additional spices you can add as well, anything from ginger to cardamom. Mix it up a bit and create your own concoction.
  • You can also customize the amount of milk you use. Some people prefer more water than milk so flip the measurements around. Personally, when I make chai tea, it’s the only thing I fill up on so I avoid eating anything with it which is why I prefer more milk than water. If you are lactose intolerant, try soy milk or almond milk.

Next time you’re in the mood for a nice, hot cup of tea, try this recipe out! I would love to hear your review on my all-time favorite tea. After all, what’s better than snuggling on the couch with tea, a good book, and your loved ones.

Happy drinking!


Sincerely, Love



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