2 kids and counting…

Hello and welcome back! I hope you’re having a wonderful week, and remember, the weekend is right around the corner! I wanted to unveil a small secret of mine – My husband and I have 2 girls, but not your typical girls by any means. Without having to explain, let me show you what I mean.


Ohhh yes. My husband and I are the proud parents of Molly (left) and Nala (right). If you’ve ever had dogs, you know exactly what I mean when I refer to them as our children. Yes, I know having kids is totally different, and dogs aren’t the exact same thing, but that doesn’t make it so different for us. We are as attached to them as they are to us. I mean, how can we not be? Imagine walking in every day after work and having 2 doggies run to you with excitement. If you’re having a ruff (pun intended) day, they will make you realize how special you are, atleast in their eyes.


To see yourself through the eyes of your dogs is something special. They don’t care about your mistakes, bad habits, or faults. They are excited to see you every time you enter the home. If I run out of the house for 2 minutes, they act like they haven’t seen me all day. It’s incredible. The unlimited hugs and kisses don’t hurt either. Like humans, dogs have their own traits and personalities. Our pups love cuddling, most of the time. They want to be next to you at all times. If we are in one room, they are right next to us. On rare occasion if they disappear to another room of the house, it’s usually because they are up to no good. Imagine having a companion no matter what room you are in. When I simply walk from the living room to the bedroom, they follow. 


Molly who is 2ish years old is attached to my husband, and Nala who is 3ish is connected to me. I have a theory behind this – on the car ride home after buying both pups (2 different occasions), the person holding the dog is usually who the dog ends up being attached to. In our case, this is totally spot on. I haven’t done research on this, but it makes sense. The puppy is scared and confused, so the nurturer in that moment is the one the pup feels safest with and develops a stronger bond. Nala is so “obsessed” with me that when I kiss my husband a kiss goodbye in the mornings, she barks. No matter what, she will bark. It’s really funny and sweet, but I can’t imagine what she’ll do when I’m snuggling with my baby one day. When that time comes, we’ll retrain her focus. No one wants a crying baby and a barking dog at the same time!

FullSizeRender (7)

 See yourself the way your pets do and you will instantly feel amazing. I hope you enjoyed meeting the loves of our lives. I would love to see photos of your pets, so feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

Sincerely, Love

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