Hello, and welcome back! Boy have I been failing at posting more, but that’s okay. I’m going to shake it off and keep it movin’! Back to the topic.. Wedding season is right around the corner. There are tons of resources where you can find wedding to-do lists, but what about WHAT NOT TO DO! As usual, all of these tips are purely from my experience/what I’ve seen and the after thought of my own wedding planning. Let’s do this!

  1. DON’T let opinions dictate your heart. When planning a wedding, there will be lots of moments where you need to seek advice. It’s very common to ask for help when you’re feeling stuck or unsure about a decision. But don’t let unwarranted opinions change your vision and what your heart desires. Everyone has their own ideals, and there will never be a decision that will be 100% perfection to everyone. That’s just life; it’s nothing bad, and nothing to take personally. Often times, regret comes from not doing rather than going for it!
  2. DON’T go crazy with to-do lists! This one is crucial, and oh so helpful when followed accordingly. My biggest organization faux pas was having too many to do lists in random places – post its, notebooks, wedding binder. Too much randomness will overwhelm you, and make you feel more stressed than you really should be. What should you do instead? Have a wedding planning binder and stick to that. If you prefer a notebook instead of a binder, do that. Whatever you do, have 1 place where you keep your ongoing contact information, to-dos, and detailed wedding plans. Trust me, this will take a huge weight off your shoulders!
  3. DON’T forgo your partner’s opinions. Regardless of who’s more involved with wedding planning, there will be a decision or two that you’re partner will want to make. Don’t knock this down. Planning a wedding is a sneak peak into future decisions you’ll be making together, so remember to listen and compromise. Weddings are primarily female focused events, but that doesn’t mean men don’t care just as much. Yes, it’s about you bride, but it’s also about your groom. After all, if it wasn’t for the both of you, this great event wouldn’t happen.
  4. DON’T go crazy with wedding trends, and DON’T forget who you are. With social media blinding us with the hottest wedding trends, fashions, etc., it’s easy to conform and go with the crowd. But why? Every year, there’s a new hot wedding trend – some fit the mold of who we are while others are the complete opposite. Don’t jump on the bandwagon just because it’s the new ‘it’ trend at the moment. Be sure your entertainment, songs, ceremonial aspects, reception decor, on and on, represent who you are as a couple. There are plenty of ways you can customize your wedding without simply presenting an instagram photo to your planner. Allow trends and hot topics to inspire you instead of deciding FOR you.
  5. DON’T forget to ask for help. Just as excited as you and your future spouse are for this big day, there are plenty of family and friends who are just as ecstatic. Reach out and ask for help. Most of the time, people are willing and even feel honored to help you. Whether it’s going with you to a fitting, picking up misc items, etc. asking for help will (a) relieve the stress off of you, and (b) create a special bonding moment. Also, having a wedding party means help is a phone call away. Are you getting nervous a week before the big day? Call your bridesmaids! Do you need to vent? Call them again! They are there to help you and since you chose them to be by your side ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, why not turn to them even before the day arrives.

ENJOY THE PROCESS, and DON’T forget this list!

Sincerely, Love

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