PinkHearts: Do you juggle?

Hi there!
The other day, I was wrapped up in my thoughts on life and the pressures we feel to be able to do it all. In a subconscious way, we’ve been brainwashed to think that by not being able to juggle 50 balls at the same time, we are failures. Why do we do this to ourselves?
Like I’ve said in previous posts, my husband and I don’t have children, and yet, I constantly feel overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done. A typical work day for me goes from 8am til about 9 in the evening. By the time I get home, I’m exhausted, and feeling like I have no time left to do anything else. I spend about 30 minutes tidying up, then another 30 cooking. By this time, the bed is calling my name but I make it a point to stay up so I can spend some time with my husband and puppies. Usually the beginning of the week goes smoothly because I catch up on sleep on the weekends (totally not recommended – see my post about being a morning person). But come Wednesday, I tend to get antsy and stressed more easily. So how can I change this juggling routine?
Don’t be so hard on yourself! I’ve heard several times that it’s better to excel at 1 or 2 things than to be mediocre at 20 things. By trying to fit the mold of what we “SHOULD” be, we are only creating unattainable goals. I’m a constant list writer – it helps keep my stress under control and allows me to see what I really need to get done. Instead of writing 1 huge list for the week, I organize it by day. If it’s not urgent, I’ll roll it to over to the weekend. I’ve found that when I don’t keep a list, my brain works in overdrive in order to remember the tasks.
You are not a robot. You will make mistakes, drop the ball a few too many times, forget appointments, run late, etc. THAT’S OKAY! The fact that you are trying is enough. We are only as good as the image we have of ourselves.
When you’re feeling pulled in 20 different directions, stop and prioritize. Do you really need to cook a fancy dinner instead of a simple crockpot meal? Do you have to deep clean your bathroom on a random Thursday when you could just chill out for an hour instead? My biggest struggle is my obsession with having a clean home. It sounds innocent and a pretty stupid problem to complain about, but it’s an issues when it creates unneeded stress after a long day. If I don’t tidy up the home today, what’s the worst that could happen? NOTHING! Instead, I’ll give myself some time to unwind and not feel like time is ticking away.
Give yourself a break. Not being the best at everything is actually admiring. It shows that you are human and that you aren’t this picturesque image so often perceived through media. As you scroll through facebook and get bombarded with the ‘perfect’ lives people live, remember that it’s not always what it seems. We all have our struggles. Embrace your life, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Get up, get out, and put your best foot forward. That’s all you can do to truly be inspirational.


Sincerely, Love


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