Recently, YouTube launced the #DearMe campaign that has been in headlines as a means of empowering woman by telling their younger selves a message – some helpful advice you wish you knew or felt when you were growing up. Since my platform is not on YouTube, I thought, why not speak up through my blog.


If I could tell my younger self some advice, I would have so much to say. It’s okay to be different and stand out in your own way. Stop comparing yourself to others and analyzing how you could fit in better. Be proud and stand tall for who you are inside and out. In high school, cliques and groups are all around you. It’s okay if you don’t “fit” into a certain category. Being different is what makes you beautiful. Whose to say you are only one category? You could play sports and be interested in fashion and makeup all while studying. Keep only a few close friends, and don’t get caught up in drama. A large group of friends doesn’t mean ANYTHING! The only things that will last are 1 or 2 good friends and your grades. Stand up for anyone getting bullied and don’t be a part of the growing epidemic. Be sympathetic and reach out to people who could use a hug. We all have our own obstacles. You are not alone. Explore all the possibilities of the high school world. Embrace your childhood and don’t try to grow up too fast. Adulthood can wait. Try your hardest in everything you do, and don’t get discouraged so easily. A failure only means your getting closer to the solution. You are beautiful. You are kind. And the best part? You are you.

What would you say to the old you?


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