Hair Color for dayssss…

Hello gorgeous!

Today’s topic is all about dyeing your hair. From the time I was in my teens, I have dyed my hair. Usually, it’s a brown or black (my natural color), but I did have red at one point as well as highlights. So let’s go through what you must consider before dyeing your hair.

  1. How bold do you want to go? I often get into a rut with my hair, getting tired of seeing the same color for months. So I turn to my friend google and search hundreds of hair colors until I find what I’m loving. Instead of spending hundreds at a hair salon, I buy at home kits from my local drugstore. It has (almost) never failed me.
  2. Are you prepared for the maintenance? Depending on how bold your hair color change is, make sure you are ready to maintain your color. If you are naturally dark haired and go blonde, you must touch up your roots often. Make sure you think about this before coloring your hair. Maintenance is not impossible, but it is another beauty to-do on your list and shouldn’t be ignored. I have always wanted highlights but knew the maintenance would bug me. Also, the thought of spending unnecessary money on salon highlights would bother me. After my husband and I got married, I decided to treat myself and go for it. That lasted about a few months before I went back to black hair. It was beautiful for the summer but it wasn’t for me.
  3. At home or in salon? This is totally a personal preference. Some people don’t want to take the chance and screw up their hair color by doing it themselves *raises hand*. But the difference in cost is remarkable. Instead of paying upwards of $80 (varies on color and hair length) at the salon, you can pay less than $10 for an at-home kit. You aren’t restricted by appointments or rude staff, and get really take your time with it. Just follow the instructions on the box and you’re good to go! Just make sure you have good ventilation when you dye your hair because the fumes can get a bit overwhelming. Tip:  Place a thin layer of Vaseline around your hairline to avoid product from staining your face. Many people find dyeing their hair damaging, but for some strange reason, my hair feels and looks healthier, softer, and shinier after dyeing than before. It might be because I don’t use any bleach which eliminates harshness and damage to the cuticles.
  4. It’s just hair color! I love experimenting with hair color, and yolo right? I’ve never tried bold colors like pink or blue but that’s only because I never really had a desire to. I have had red hair in high school but that’s as bold as I’ve gone. If you’ve ever wanted to try a color, don’t let fear stop you. It’s just hair and you can always change it back if you want to. Note: If you have a sensitive scalp, consult a professional prior to dyeing your hair.


With summer just around the corner, what hair color will you be rocking?!


Sincerely, Love

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