PinkHearts: Gratitude

Hello there!

Recently, I’ve been overwhelmed by all the terrible news stories that occur not only in the US but all around the world. Now, I realize that many awful events happen to people regardless of how prevalent news stations make them, and with the bad comes the good, but it really got me thinking of a simple feeling – gratitude.

As I was washing dishes (something I HATE doing and almost always complain about), I remembered International Water Day. Did you know that 1 in 9 people don’t have access to safe drinking water? And here I am, standing in front of my sink full of dishes, whining about the chore. Nuisances and complaints are human nature I suppose. Even in a perfect state, we will find something to complain about but STOP for minute. Really stop, and think. Our lives are only as good as we make them with the resources we have. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of dollars in the bank or you’re struggling to make a dime. Be grateful for there is always someone with less who would do anything to be in your shoes. Don’t take that for granted.

Food and shelter are a need, yet around the world and even within America, there are people without a home or anything to eat. Children in today’s tech driven world will throw tantrums for not being able to be gifted the latest gadgets. Even adults in fact. Really? This is not to say you shouldn’t treat yourself. But don’t do it with complaints attached. Complaining and whining are an infectious cycle, one that you have to mentally recognize and change. If your feeling down and need a reminder of the blessings you have, write them down. This will instantly show you in black and white exactly what you have to be grateful for.

My journey thus far in life hasn’t been easy. During my lowest points, I used to ask myself ‘why’, and it become even more overwhelming and disheartening because the answer to that question only lives within yourself. But with my own experiences, I’m slapped in the face when I read tragedies that occur around the world. In Brooklyn, New York, there was a fire in a home that killed 7 siblings; the parents and 1 child survived. Can you imagine the pain as a parent, as a sibling? Life is so short that you’d be a fool to not TRY to live it the best you can. We are human – feelings of happiness, pain, sorrow, joy. That’s the beauty of life. We aren’t going to be happy with every situation, and that’s okay. It’s okay to vent or cry or break down; to complain, get upset, speak out of context, but remind yourself to STOP and THINK outside of your own world. Look at your blessings not just at face value but on a deeper, more powerful level.

In recent times, any time I’m feeling overly stressed out, I remind myself of a simple question – are you and your loved ones healthy? If the answer is yes, you have very little to worry about as there is always a solution to any problem.


Sincerely, Love

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