ELF Cosmetics

Hello beautiful! Today, it’s all about ELF! ELF Cosmetics is a makeup brand that sells cost effective makeup products that are a definite hit (and some misses). I generally purchase all my ELF products from my local Target but you can also purchase directly from their website (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/). So why do I love ELF?

  • Incredibly cost effective
  • Most shadows and blushes are highly pigmented
  • With a little primer, products are long lasting
  • If you love experimenting and switching up your makeup, it’s the way to go
  • Easy to find and great customer service

So with so many ELF products available, where do you even start? I wanted to give you my review on the following products that I’ve in love with and have repurchased over the years!

ELF Foundation


  • Incredibly long lasting
  • A definite flawless finish
  • Color matches perfect – one of the few foundations I don’t have to combine with another to get the right shade to match my complexion
  • Easy to use pump so there’s minimum mess (once you are getting low, just shake the bottle prior to use to maximize use)


Eyebrow Set


  • One of my all-time favorite eyebrow fillers!
  • One side is a compact gel like (the darker shade) product and the other (lighter) is a powder. You have to fill in your brows first with the darker shade and go over it with the lighter shade. I sometimes mix the two which helps from making the brows too bold.
  • Definitely long lasting! Rarely any need to touch up unless you accidentally rub your brows during the day!


Contour Kit


  • Highly pigmented even without primer
  • The darker shade is for contouring and the lighter is beautifully finished blush / highlighter depending on the kit you pick. With a variety of shade options, you are sure to find a great match! My skin tone slightly varies from winter to summer so I stock up on a few different options.
  • Compare to NARS Contour blush. The colors are almost exact – it’s hard to tell which product is which!
  • My staple contour kit – so easy to blend without any harsh lines or edges.
  • There is a matte and shimmery version so the choice is yours!


Eyeshadow Kit

elf shadows

  • ELF has a ton of eyeshadow palettes available. Don’t go overboard like I did during sales! I purchased this set along with a few others and aren’t nearly close to running out. After a few more months, I’ll have to end up tossing it because it’s important to follow expiration dates on makeup.
  • As you can see, there are many colors available – neutrals, bold, matte, shimmer, etc.! The amount of looks you can create are infinite with this palette!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Apply primer prior to using eyeshadow. The colors are great but they don’t last long without primer. The primer will ensure the color you see in the palette is what you will see on your eyelids.


Concealer / Highlighter


  • With the 2 in 1 combo, you get your under eye concealer and highlighter!
  • The concealer is incredibly smooth and easy to blend.
  • The color match is incomparable! I haven’t found another concealer that conceals as effectively as this product. Tip: To ensure longevity during the day, apply a powder over the concealer to set it. It will stay put all day long!
  • The highlighter is GORGEOUS! I apply this over my cheek bones for an instant shimmer. It’s also very long lasting, and not to forget – highly pigmented. A little goes a long way!


Face Primer


  • Very easy to use with a pump applicator
  • Primes skin effortlessly with no greasy residue
  • Blends perfectly into the skin with a clean finish
  • Extremely smooth and soft – leaves your skin feeling silky and a great base for makeup application

With so many great products, it’s easy to fall in love with ELF Cosmetics. I’ll be doing another post on my favorite brushes from the company so stay tuned!

Sincerely, Love.

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