Get Cookin’! ft Protein Shake with a twist

Hello beauties! Now that the excitement of my birthday weekend as subsided, I wanted to share with you one of my all-time favorite shakes that will fulfill your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling guilty – a banana, peanut butter, protein shake.


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Ingredients you’ll need:

2-3 cups of milk depending on how thick you prefer your shake to be

1 spoonful of Whole Foods chunky peanut butter (any pb would work, but this is my fav!)

1 banana

1 scoop of Whole Foods (any would work) protein powder

Ice (optional)


Let’s get started!

It’s so easy, all it takes is 1 step!

1.    All you have to do is take all of your ingredients and dump them into your blender of choice, and blend away! Once done, pour into a glass and enjoy.

Because of the peanut butter, this protein shake is extremely satisfying. Chunky peanut butter helps keep you full for a long time, which makes this shake a great meal replacement! For a lighter version, use soy or almond milk and creamy pb. For protein, I prefer the vanilla or chocolate flavors from Whole Foods, but whatever protein you enjoy will work great for this shake.


Sincerely, Love


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