Is it really over or is it just beginning?

Hi and welcome! I know, I haven’t posted in so long – I can think of a million excuses but let’s skip that part and get right to it!

I wanted to share a quick realization life taught me recently. In the building my husband and I live in, we had an elderly man living in the unit above us. He’s been in this building for about 15 years. We no nothing about his personal life – our only encounter with him was in the common areas. Our exchanges were always friendly; when the Chicago snow created havoc with driving, my husband even gave him a ride once since his car was stuck. Anywoo, as I mentioned, it’s always been pleasant. We would hear him almost every night moving furniture? or making noise in the middle of the night. Because we very understanding, it was never an issue.

Our landlord recently asked us if we had seen him lately. Hmm, I thought. No it was atleast 2 weeks since we saw him last. Then we got to thinking – his car had been parked in the same spot for days now, there hasn’t been any noise coming from upstairs. Strange. The landlord also mentioned that she was getting worried because he had diabetes and had a health scare a few years ago.

We thought about it for hours. What should we do? Should we call the authorities and they can handle it? What if he’s simply away on a trip or visiting family? We don’t want to create any problems for him. Since we know nothing about him, we didn’t know what to do.

This morning, we were awoken from noise from upstairs. Oh good, we thought. He’s back. Since our bedroom window faces the street, we peeked outside, and saw police and a forensics team. Upon leaving our unit, there was a powerful scent throughout the whole building. All of his windows were open for ventilation. That was it.

He’s gone now. And even though we were simply neighbors, it saddens me. Life really is that short. It makes me sick to think that he had nobody that checked on him. Now, I’m no one to jump to conclusions. Perhaps he didn’t have children or a wife. Who knows. But to think, boom. Life is over. It’s sad but beautiful at the same time. I wonder what his story was – his life, his dreams, and goals. What was his biggest accomplishment? What made him happy? What saddened him?

EMBRACE EVERYONE. Love and learn about others. Our own thoughts and feelings will be even more powerful when they grow from those around us.

Sincerely, Love.

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