Anxiety Speaks.

Hello there!

I don’t know if I’ve ever openly ‘announced’ this but I suffer from anxiety. I hate labels, or judgments, or being boxed into a category. And I never want to undermine the issues that others deal with. Since there are different levels of anxiety, it’s hard to assimilate with all of the symptoms of anxiety. All I know is my own personal journey and feelings of self doubt. It’s so often unspoken about because of the illusion that it’s a sign of weakness. It’s not, and I’m sure many of you deal with your own level of anxiety as well.

This past week was a bit rough, and for no particular reason. All I know is that the feeling of uneasiness and worry kept popping up in my inner thoughts. Our thoughts essentially dictate the way we feel and how we react to situations. When our mind is clouded with unnecessary worry, it’s absolutely pointless and debilitating, yet powerful. DON’T GIVE IT THAT POWER.

I’m a deep thinker. I can’t help it. So often, I wish I could be more laid back and have more of a ‘go with the flow’ mind set, and stop being to tightly wound. In some aspects, I am like that i.e. social situations. But when I’m alone with my thoughts, I begin to worry and over-analyze. I think about the past, and worry about the future. But for what? The past is already gone, and the future is in God’s hands so what there’s to worry about? Lucky for me, I have an incredibly supportive husband who listens to my issues and reminds me of these things.

Regardless, this past week reminded me that anxiety isn’t a one stop shop. There isn’t a necessary cause and effect that occurs, or some traumatic event that brings it to life. It is a mysterious, invisible enemy that gives you unneeded stress. Recognizing it and coping with those feelings is what makes you the boss of your own thoughts. With so many resources available, it’s important to do your research and find what works for you. I will be recommending an incredible resources in another blog post soon.

Until then, remember to breathe, take it slow, and enjoy the present. Don’t be so hard on yourself.




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