New Year!

Well then.. look whose been MIA! With 2016 less than some hours away, I wanted to take a minute to share the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year; something that may trigger a moment of awe for you as well.

Everything comes full circle; maybe not right away but some day. You just have to be open to recognizing it and realize things don’t just happen on accident. Now let me explain why this relates to me. I went into 2015 with an unfulfilling, anxiety-ridden job. My anxious feelings only grow day by day and the root cause of those feelings were the people I was surrounded by in that environment. I used to wake up dreading being there and counted down the hours there. It became increasingly unhealthy and affected many parts of my life, but I reminded myself that it was temporary income and that it will pass. Then, by a beautiful series of events, I left that job. I was blessed enough to have found another job within 2 weeks. I, like anyone else, had a moment of panic in that transition, but it was truly a blessing in disguise. 

My new role deals with the financial aspects of nursing homes in our portfolio. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that this is very close to my heart, as my dad spent several months in a nursing home following his stroke. I’ve always wished to be in the medical field, but never found my niche. Finances + healthcare? Sign me up. It’s like the heavens opened up and handed me the perfect position. I go to work everyday with excitement. I’m still in the learning process and I’m sure it will take months if not years before I really have everything under my belt, but I’m excited. What are the odds that I’d be working behind the scenes of a nursing home? It’s really amazing, and it’s a passion I never knew I had until now. 

Whatever you believe, you do you. But for me, it’s a sign of a higher being. My anxiety has significantly decreased (pretty much gone away); I’m learning about a field that I’ve always wanted a piece of but never went after; I’m able to help others without the emotional aspect of working one on one with patients; and best of all, I’m happy and no longer living in denial. 

And for you, I wish nothing but amazing lessons, and good vibes. Go after it, do it, and believe that you are worthy, because you are.


Sincerely, Love.




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