Exactly 1 year ago, I wrote my last blog post. I honestly don’t have a reason for that.. I’ve been itching to write but I suppose just wasn’t ready. After that, writing to me is a form of therapy and with 2016 flying by, I didn’t allow myself to sit and express in all honesty.

To give you a quick recap, 2016 has been filled with amazing memories – everything from my sister in law’s pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, my sister’s wedding, the arrival of our niece, and a million smiles in between, it’s been wonderful. As with anything, it hasn’t been perfect but what really defines perfection? I’m honored and blessed to have seen another year go by and I’m welcoming the new year with open arms.

In my last post, I spoke about my newest job – I’ve proud to say that I’m still very much happy with the position I spoke of on that final day of 2015. It has been a year filled with an enormous learning curve, and with grit I was able to push forward. I don’t know if the stars just aligned or if it’s fate, but I do know that I’m fortunate in so many ways. My anxiety remains to be my own personal burden sans work. Really, if I’m being quite honest, nowadays my anxiety stems from this ideology that I must please everyone. But again, that’s a personal demon I can elaborate more on in another post.

With every new year, I’m excited. I wrote a paper once in high school about the concept of time – how it’s much more about convenience rather than fact. It’s relative. Time is a good time keeper, allowing the world to flow more smoothly than without it. And yet, with each new year, I welcome it, open armed, excited and full of curiosity. I have heard countless people say new years eve is just another day and it’s just a big hype for no reason. Although I can understand why they’d feel that way, that’s not my mindset. I embrace it. This wonderful day where the date stamp changes; the refreshing concept of starting anew; a humbling day to reflect on the previous year and setting new ‘goals’ for the year. And sure, not all of your new year goals are attained, but they allow you to re-purpose your life. What is there not to love? Life is too short to not enjoy the small moments that make each day worth its’ glory. And celebrations rather big or small are a-okay in my book.

With that said, here’s to an amazing 2017. Wishing you a wonderful new year!

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