PinkHearts: What you give…

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the word karma. In case you haven’t, it means what you give is what you get, in a nutshell. Your deeds, attitude, and overall actions have a way of coming back to you albeit good or bad. There are plenty of books on this topic, specifically about how the universe brings you what you put out there, and I have a fascination with the concept of this. Because it’s so hard to track and there is minimal fact based research, it’s quite unnerving to people who don’t necessarily believe in this ideology.

What you give out to the universe, you will receive abundantly in return. A lot of this has to do with your perspective and how you choose to process certain occurrences throughout the day. I’ve written more about this in another post so feel free to submerge in that reading. Essentially, how to decipher even the smallest of events creates a ripple effect onto other aspects of your life. For example, you wake up to a gloomy morning which puts you in a crabby state of mind. Sunshine makes you happy – not rain and gloom. Now because of your damper mood, you are more short tempered, releasing that negative energy onto those on the road, colleagues, and whoever else you encounter during the day. On the flip side, if you love rainy weather, you’re feeling ecstatic. You’re happier and excited for what’s to come in your day.  You are in control of your reaction, always, and you can turn a less than ideal reaction into something beautiful even if it’s your version of beautiful. We all have bad days, I get it. Please don’t take my words as a literal version of how to “be happy” or just have a “good attitude”. Everyone’s trials and hardships are so vastly different that there is no way flight to achieve your best life. So for me, my attitude is one of the only aspects of my life I am able to control, and that’s powerful.

Good deeds shouldn’t be done with the intent of wanting something in return. The feeling itself of helping someone in need is so fulfilling that nothing more is required, and yet, lo and behold, karma still comes back. Maybe not right away, maybe not in a month or even a year, but one day it will as long as you’re willing to recognize it. Our kindness builds on itself and in a subconscious way, trains us to have a brighter outlook. On the other hand, if you treat people unjustly, that too will come back to bite you. If at the end of the day, you only think about your own needs and desires without doing any due diligence to be a shoulder for someone to cry on, you’ll be left feeling empty in the long run. Now, without a doubt there are jerks in this world, but that’s the karma they have to live with, not you.

Recently a dear friend of mine experienced an unexpected, life changing moment. Standing inside his neon green restaurant peering out the windows, he noticed a car stopped across the street in an unusual spot, stopping halfway between the road and a parking lot. The constant movement inside the car can be seen. Instantly, he had a gut feeling that something was wrong. Assuming they must’ve been in a car accident, he ran across the desolate street to offer assistance. Inside was a woman in the drivers seat and a man in the passenger seat – a man who, without a doubt, needed a doctor right away. His head against the seat in an upright position, his eyes stoic and fixed in one position, and with his mouth slightly open. Bystanders had already called 911 but that was minutes ago and there were no noise of sirens anywhere to be heard. So from what he had learned from watching medical shows on tv, he began the resuscitation process being careful with every move he made. After minutes of this strenuous, panic inducing process, the man nudged him, indicating a sign he was doing better. Seconds later the ambulance arrived. He saved a man’s life. As my friend was telling us this incredible event, chills ran up and down my spine, tears welled up, and in that moment, I recognized how powerful your actions can truly be. When my husband called him a hero, he shrugged and said no, he was just doing what he could to help someone in need – which makes him even more of a hero. He may not have changed the entire world, but without a doubt, he changed someone’s entire world.

No matter how big or small your deeds are, do them. Be proud of the fact that in your own way, you’re making an impact on someone, and that can create a ripple effect in their own life.



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