Let’s try it!

HI there! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to share this amazing product, but better late than never! Bath & Body Works has a stress therapy lotion that I’ve been OBSESSED with. It’s official name is Aromatherapy Stress Relief Lotion. It comes in a couple different scents, but the one I’ve been diggin is the Eucalyptus Spearmint. Musky and strong, it reminds me of many of the lotions my husband uses because of its earthy tones. And yet, it’s super soft on your hands and feels fresh and clean. Because of its aromatherapy purpose, you should breathe deeply when you use it. Sure it doesn’t instantly fix all your troubles, but it’s oh so relaxing. And the scent is captivating. I fell in love with this so much that I couldn’t help but purchase it in body wash form.

If you’re looking for a new product that relieves stress simply by smelling amazing, go for this product. I’ve spoken to several people who are equally in love with this product. Every time I use it, people comment at how amazing it smells. It’s a must re-purchase with me, and at the rate I’m going, that’ll be sooner rather than later.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Lotion - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body Works


Facial TLC

Hi there,

Since it’s been a while since my last favorites post, I’ve had many updates and new products I’m dying to share! But for now, I wanted to focus on some facial tlc. Keep reading for my new discoveries and why I love ’em so much!

Masks:  I enjoy trying out new face masks, but because my skin is so sensitive I’m reluctant to just slabbing anything on. Trendy, high cost products just don’t sit well with me or my wallet. I went into Sephora looking for a mask that fits my skin type and discovered the White Mud Exfoliating Mask by Estee Edit. I was fortunate to try it on in the store, and knew I had to have it. I have combination skin, and weather is a huge factor in how oily or dry it’ll be. This mask is 2 in 1 – exfoliator and mask. The microscopic beads are so smooth that it really digs deep into pores and is gentle on sensitive areas of the face. Once you exfoliate, just leave the mask on your face for 5 minutes. While rinsing, I’ll exfoliate once more while removing the product. It is super hydrating and my skin is left feeling fresh and soft. It’s a mid range product – definitely more than what I normally pay but worth the bucks in my opinion. Buy it here!


Cleanser:  In my original favorites post, I raved about Cetaphil and how gentle it was on my skin. With that said, my skin needed a refresher. It was getting too comfortable with Cetaphil and stopped feeling as fresh as it should. SO while in my recent Sephora trip, I purchased Murad Clarifying Cleanser. I love how minty and refreshing it is, and you can instantly feel it tingle on your skin. The application tip is an added bonus as it releases just the right amount of product without it going to waste. I have started alternating my face cleansers (roughly 5 times a week using Murad and the other 2 with Cetaphil). I especially love it in the mornings as it instantly provides a cooling effect and wakes me up. On my acne prone skin, Murad has been working wonders thus far. If you’re in the market for something new for your skin that’s different than many products you may have tried, I’d definitely try this out. Check it out!

Toner:   Following your cleansing routine, it’s important to go in with some toner. Now I must admit, I have been on and off with this part of the process, but I have noticed a huge difference in my skin when I’m consistent with toning after cleansing. The toner is alcohol based so it is quite strong on the skin but that’s one of my favorite parts. You instantly feel it working. At first, the sensation took my aback because it was quite tingly, but after a few seconds, that feeling subsides and you’re left with clean skin. Use it with an exfoliating cotton pad for the most bang for your buck. It penetrates the skin, removing any residual makeup leftover after cleansing. And it’s my favorite part of the process. Click to tone!


Finish off with your favorite moisturizer and you’re good to go! I will be talking about some more favorites later on this month so stay tuned.

Note: Everyone has different skin types so these products may or may not be suitable for you. Always test before diving right in to ensure you’ve found what works for you!

Sincerely, Love.

ELF Cosmetics

Hello beautiful! Today, it’s all about ELF! ELF Cosmetics is a makeup brand that sells cost effective makeup products that are a definite hit (and some misses). I generally purchase all my ELF products from my local Target but you can also purchase directly from their website (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/). So why do I love ELF?

  • Incredibly cost effective
  • Most shadows and blushes are highly pigmented
  • With a little primer, products are long lasting
  • If you love experimenting and switching up your makeup, it’s the way to go
  • Easy to find and great customer service

So with so many ELF products available, where do you even start? I wanted to give you my review on the following products that I’ve in love with and have repurchased over the years!

ELF Foundation


  • Incredibly long lasting
  • A definite flawless finish
  • Color matches perfect – one of the few foundations I don’t have to combine with another to get the right shade to match my complexion
  • Easy to use pump so there’s minimum mess (once you are getting low, just shake the bottle prior to use to maximize use)


Eyebrow Set


  • One of my all-time favorite eyebrow fillers!
  • One side is a compact gel like (the darker shade) product and the other (lighter) is a powder. You have to fill in your brows first with the darker shade and go over it with the lighter shade. I sometimes mix the two which helps from making the brows too bold.
  • Definitely long lasting! Rarely any need to touch up unless you accidentally rub your brows during the day!


Contour Kit


  • Highly pigmented even without primer
  • The darker shade is for contouring and the lighter is beautifully finished blush / highlighter depending on the kit you pick. With a variety of shade options, you are sure to find a great match! My skin tone slightly varies from winter to summer so I stock up on a few different options.
  • Compare to NARS Contour blush. The colors are almost exact – it’s hard to tell which product is which!
  • My staple contour kit – so easy to blend without any harsh lines or edges.
  • There is a matte and shimmery version so the choice is yours!


Eyeshadow Kit

elf shadows

  • ELF has a ton of eyeshadow palettes available. Don’t go overboard like I did during sales! I purchased this set along with a few others and aren’t nearly close to running out. After a few more months, I’ll have to end up tossing it because it’s important to follow expiration dates on makeup.
  • As you can see, there are many colors available – neutrals, bold, matte, shimmer, etc.! The amount of looks you can create are infinite with this palette!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Apply primer prior to using eyeshadow. The colors are great but they don’t last long without primer. The primer will ensure the color you see in the palette is what you will see on your eyelids.


Concealer / Highlighter


  • With the 2 in 1 combo, you get your under eye concealer and highlighter!
  • The concealer is incredibly smooth and easy to blend.
  • The color match is incomparable! I haven’t found another concealer that conceals as effectively as this product. Tip: To ensure longevity during the day, apply a powder over the concealer to set it. It will stay put all day long!
  • The highlighter is GORGEOUS! I apply this over my cheek bones for an instant shimmer. It’s also very long lasting, and not to forget – highly pigmented. A little goes a long way!


Face Primer


  • Very easy to use with a pump applicator
  • Primes skin effortlessly with no greasy residue
  • Blends perfectly into the skin with a clean finish
  • Extremely smooth and soft – leaves your skin feeling silky and a great base for makeup application

With so many great products, it’s easy to fall in love with ELF Cosmetics. I’ll be doing another post on my favorite brushes from the company so stay tuned!

Sincerely, Love.

Favorite Eyeliner/Mascara Combo!

Hello there! I am soo beyond excited to share my all-time favorite eyeliner/mascara with you! Let me break it down for you and give you a little background of my experience, beginning with eyeliner. There are tons of eyeliners out there – different brands, types, colors, etc. Do you prefer liquid eyeliner or pencil, maybe both? For years, I have used liquid eyeliners on top of my eyelids. Once in a while, I’ll use a pencil eyeliner but I tend to love the control and precision I get with liquid eyeliner. My eyelids tend to get oily depending on the weather, so using an eye primer is a necessity to avoid smudging. After 10+ years of wearing liquid eyeliner, I’ve found the one for me! MILANI EYE TECH EXTREME LIQUID EYELINER. If you’ve tried it, you know how great this product is. If not, go and buy it now! You will not regret it. It is extremely precise, with a felt tip brush. The precision is the most incredible part of this eyeliner. You can really mix up your look by simply having a thin or thicker eyeliner line. For a cat eye, it’s PERFECTION! As long as you take your time during application, you can and will achieve your desired look. An added bonus is the cost. I purchased by from a local drugstore for only $7! I have been using it nearly every day for the past month and it hasn’t dried out and the felt tip is still as precise at the first day of usage. I don’t use a eye primer with it, and surprisingly, it doesn’t smudge AT ALL! It stays on all day – 12+ hours without having touching it up.


Now time for mascara! Similar to my history with eyeliner, I have used lots of different mascaras throughout the year. For products such as eyeliners/mascaras which I use everyday, I don’t spend a fortune on them. To me, a higher cost doesn’t translate to better products. So what’s my favorite mascara? Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black! My eyelashes are pretty sad looking – short, not too much lash power. When I was about 12, I was looking in the mirror criticizing how long my lashes were. So as a 12 year old, how did I fix this ‘problem’? I grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed them, ruining them for life. They never really grew back to their original look. On a day to day basis, I always wear mascara just to give them a little bit of life and oomph to them. I discovered Loreal Telescopic about a year ago and can’t get myself to try anything else. Why fix perfection? The bristle is extremely thin and doesn’t curve throughout. The accuracy of the bristles really bring forth all your lashes. Use it on both your top and bottom lashes! You will notice a huge difference in how bright and open your eyes will appear. It is super long lasting, but at the same time, so easy to take off at the end of the day. I use Cetaphil in the evening to wash off my makeup off, and this mascara doesn’t require excess rubbing or scrubbing.  Purchase this from your local drugstore for less than $10 – it’s not only a great bargain but an amazing product!

I highly recommend both these products, and can’t wait to hear your feedback on my favorites!


Sincerely, Love

For One More Day…

Hello there! I’m an avid reader (or at least I try to be) – my preferred genre is spirituality or life lessons in general. Throughout all the books I’ve read, there is one book that has a special place in my heart. It’s called For One More Day by Mitch Albom. It’s about a troubled man who has the opportunity to spend one more day with his deceased mother. In order to not give away too much information, I’ll stop there. But let me tell you why I love it oh so much.

Think about it. Is there someone you wish you could see just one more time? What if you could have one last conversation with that person? What would you say? After my parents passed away, I would have dreams that they are alive again. It is a very surreal feeling because even though I am dreaming, my thoughts inside the dreams acknowledge that this is just a dream and that I’m going to wake up soon. But even so, I make the most of the moment. Now, of course I don’t have any control over what happens, but I guess in some way, it feels like I do. I vividly recall one particular dream where I’m in my childhood home when my mom comes through the door after work. I run out from the kitchen and see her. Shocked, I gave her a huge hug that I can still feel to this day. She was confused as to why I was acting strange, when I told her “But, I thought I’d never see you again”. She said “Of course you will see me, always”. That dream occurred about 5 years ago, but I still recall the details. I have had a very similar dream about my dad. Once I wake up, I can’t help but to think about having one more day with them. What would I say?

Realistically, it’s just not possible. In a world where making the impossible possible surrounds us, you just can’t do that with this. Once a person has passed away, you are left with the memories, love, and lessons they’ve taught us. That, with the power of prayer (and anything else that uplifts you), will enable us to move forward and heal from our loss.

If I could have one more day with my parents, I would spend every second talking, hugging, laughing, and seeking advice. So often, I am in familial situations where I don’t know what the right choice is. I talk to my parents in Heaven and ask what they would want me to do since they have dealt with somewhat similar problems during their time on Earth. If it’s anything outside of that, I rely on my own judgment and the advice from my husband and in-laws. Now don’t get me wrong. I am and will be forever grateful for the love I’m blessed with. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world. Just to hug my parents once more, and to hear my mom sing once again would be my idea of a great “For One More Day” remake.

So allow yourself to dig deep and think… What would you do if you could have one more day with a loved one?

Sincerely, Love.

Music to my ears…

Hello there! If you are a music lover like myself, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this post. For me, music is therapy. It takes you to a whole new world, quite like reading. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to what to listen to.

I’m a huge fan of Pandora – it’s a free service but you can pay a monthly cost of less than $10 and listen commercial free. There are essentially limitless options to choose from, either from their genre options or based on your search. So what do I listen to on a daily basis?

R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, pretty much anything depending my mood. I listen to Pandora all day at work. If I’m feeling tired, I will tune into the comedy channels. THEY ARE AMAZING! My all time favorite and one I highly recommend is Russell Peters. If you search his name on Pandora or YouTube, you will find lots of good material to listen to. My other favorites are George Lopez and Gabriel Iglesias. No joke, I have laughed out loud at work because of these comedy channels, and they will instantly make you smile.

I’m a sucker for love so another fav of my mine is the Wedding Songs channel. The name speaks for itself. There’s a huge variety of songs so it’s refreshing to hear love songs you otherwise wouldn’t have searched.

When I clean my house, I usually always have music on. My go to genres are mainly hip hop/r&b because they tend to pump me up and I love singing along to something upbeat. Are you a fan of Beyonce? I am! 7/11 and Flawless and my current favorites. How about Nicki Minaj? I recently discovered the song Truffle Butter and the beat just gets me excited.


Music should lift and inspire you. Listen to what makes you happy. It’s a powerful feeling to just let go and let the music surround you.

Sincerely, Love.

My Favorites!

Hello there! After a relaxing weekend, I thought what better way to end it than to talk about my favorite beauty related products. I use these almost every day and highly recommend you give them a try!

Face Masks:   For an amazing cost and great results, try Queen Helene Masque in Mint Julep. You can purchase it from a drugstore i.e. Walgreens for under $5! It’s a creamy formula that glides on effortlessly, and it’s extremely green in color. Once you apply it to clean skin, you will feel a very heavy tingling sensation, to the point where you want to wash it off because it’s that powerful. Don’t! Allow the masque to penetrate into your skin and clean out your pores. After about 5 minutes, the sensation will go away. You’re skin will feel so soft and clean once you wash the product off. I moisturize afterwards to avoid over-drying especially in the winter.  I have tried other products – for instant GlamGlow. The hype of the mask had me hooked, but swiping my card for an expensive product wasn’t so much fun. It’s okay, but that’s about it. I didn’t see much of a difference after using it.


Shampoo:  After trying countless shampoos through the years, I finally discovered Dove Intensive Repair. It is great for damaged hair and provides amazing moisture and nourishment. My hair is left feeling lighter after use. I have dyed my hair from boxed dyes since I was a teenager so there have been times when my hair didn’t feel healthy. Product buildup is another big issue, as well as damage from heat and weather. Once I use this shampoo, I feel a noticeable difference.


Dry Shampoo/Volumizer:  My hair has a tendency to get oily quickly. It’s been an issue for years, so I felt I had no choice but to wash my hair every day. After doing extensive research, I learned that by washing your hair so often, it won’t help the problem. Your oil production kicks into overdrive because you are stripping away essential oils that your scalp produces. To minimize this, I now wash my hair every  other day. In between washes, I use dry shampoo + a volumizing powder. I recently discovered Got2B Powder and Dry Shampoo and absolutely love them! The dry shampoo smells great and works even better! I had a hard time finding this at my local drugstore, so I tried a beauty store and found a ton.




Face Cleanser:  I have sensitive, acne prone skin, and using any cleanser that’s harsh tends to freak my skin out. As soon as I heard about Cetaphil, I was hooked. It’s an extremely gentle wash face that won’t strip away healthy oils from your face. It removes makeup easily, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. I do moisturize my face after to avoid potential dry out during colder months.



What are your favorite beauty products?

Sincerely, Love.